Clean Green Certified is the number one certifier nation-wide for cannabis cultivated using sustainable, natural and organically-based practices. 


"Clean Green cannabis farms and outlets have voluntarily gone through the most rigorous nationally recognized cannabis certification program today.  Clean Green cannabis is monitored for harmful residue.
Outlets are certified to have proper handling methods similar to those used in the standard agricultural and food processing industries.  Only a Clean Green Certified outlet is licensed to handle Clean Green products."


"Sustainability is what being a Clean Green farmer or outlet is all about.
Cannabis cultivation has been on the radar lately for being particularly harmful for the environment.
Clean Green cannabis farmers do their part to change these perceptions and have a more positive impact. Program requirements include having a legal source of water, having runoff protection barriers to reduce harmful nitrogen-rich nutrient runoff into neighboring streams and creeks, and using natural pesticide control methods."


"In order to be part of the Clean Green Certification program, cannabis farmers and processor/handlers are compliant with their state requirements. Clean Green Certified can help both farmers and processing/handling facilities with their compliance matters. Currently we are able to provide legal services in the state of California. Any information that is given to us during the certification process is used solely for determining compliance with the Clean Green program."