4 Strange Cannabis Laws Every Oregonian Should Know


1. Unless you own your home, or have permissive landlords, there’s almost nowhere for adult cannabis consumers to smoke legally.

In Oregon, cannabis consumers are prohibited from lighting up in public places, including parking lots, parks and forests. They are prohibited from consuming in a parked car, within 10 feet of a building, in hotels or other buildings regulated by the Indoor Clean Air Act. And unless you own your home, or your landlord doesn’t specifically prohibit smoking, one can’t even consume smokeable cannabis on their patio or balcony. What's more, someone caught smoking cannabis in housing provided or subsidized by the federal government can be evicted, even if they belong to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. This begs the question: where can adults consume safely and legally? The answer, we hope, will come in the form of legalization and the formation of cannabis lounges. The Oregon Cannabis Retailers Association, a non-profit trade association that lobbies and advocates on behalf of the cannabis industry, has made cannabis lounges a legislative priority for 2017 and beyond.

This issue is about economic, social, and racial justice. It's about normalizing cannabis use. - Casey Houlihan, Director of the Oregon Cannabis Retail Association

2. You’re not allowed to hold unpurchased products in a dispensary.

In an effort to combat contamination and reduce the risk of theft, individuals without a marijuana handler’s permit are prohibited from holding cannabis product inside of a dispensary until it has been purchased. Your budtender may, however, hold on to the product, and allow you to read the labels or smell from the jar, so long as they are in control of the product. 

3. Everyone who purchases cannabis from a dispensary, yes everyone, must be given marijuana information card at the end of each sale.

Are you familiar with this little card? Of course you are! You leave with one every time you purchase cannabis from a dispensary. That means that at shops like High Quality, we hand out well over 50,000 of these puppies each year. With over 400 dispensaries in Oregon, one could assume over 20 million of these marijuana informational cards are distributed annually in Oregon.

4. Your edible purchasing limit is measured in net weight, not overall milligrams.

While recreational edibles cannot contain more than 50mg of THC, the quantity of edibles you are able to purchase is measured in net weight. The limit in Oregon is 16oz of edibles per day.

  • Imagine you have a container of mints that have 50mg of THC and weigh 0.4oz.

    • If you purchased up to your limit in mints, you could buy 40 containers totaling 2000mg of THC that day.

  • Or you could choose a chocolate bar that has 50mg of THC and weighs 2.0oz.

    • If you purchased up to your daily limit in chocolate bars, you could only buy 8 bars, resulting in 400mg of THC that day.