The Top 5 Back to School Essentials for High Achievers

1. PAX Vaporizers

Pax is specifically designed for discretion and an instant, incredible experience every time. Bluetooth compatible, the PAX pen allows cannabis connoisseurs to set precise temperatures that release the specific terpenes and cannabinoids you desire. You can even dim and change the color of its activation light for ultimate customization and discretion. Its long lasting battery impresses even the experienced vaporizer user. High Achievers never leave home without it!

2. Eye Drops

What is worse than being called on by a professor and not knowing the answer? Being called on by a professor, not knowing the answer, and clearly being lifted by cannabis. Ditch the bad rep and be sure your backpack, car, and room are well stocked with eyedrops that ensure your recreation doesn’t become a part of your professional reputation.

3. Mr. Moxey’s Mints

Edibles can rock your world. If dosed improperly, an edible can force you to call it a night sooner than you’d like. Explore microdosing with Mr. Moxie’s Mints; a tasty, discrete edible that looks incognito in your backpack, and adds just the right about of relief and relaxation to your day. They come in THC and non-psychoactive CBD blends, in flavors such as peppermint, cinnamon, and ginger.  

4. HQ Blunts

Who can roll a tight blunt? Not you? No stress. Leave it to the professionals at HQ to roll you a beautiful, flavorful 1.5g blunt to share with your friends. Made with the highest quality flower and CBD hemp leaves, our HQ blunts are a smooth and safe alternative to tobacco-based products. (And no one has to know that you didn’t roll it).

5. CBD Socials

Are your adventurous nights followed by rough mornings? Take it easy and recuperate with Select Strains High CBD socials. Non-psychoactive and made with complimentary terpenes such as lavender and grapefruit, these CBD socials can take the edge off, reduce pain and ease your anxiety. Not to mention, they are TAX FREE and inexpensive

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