HQ Visits Luminous Botanicals

Anna, Amanda, Andrew, and Dave took a trip up to Portland to visit with our friends at Luminous Botanicals and had a great time!


The HQ team met them at, what seemed from the outside, a cute little house with a wonderful garden on the corner of the street. Once you get inside you realize IT IS a cute little house, that holds one amazing company and so much more! As they entered they were greeted by Sally and Devan (the Co-owners) in a very cozy/homey meeting room, very reminiscent of a Waldorf classroom--light warm tones on the walls with silky fabric curtains and wood trimming along the floor and windows! They all talked for a bit about how they loved the look of their office, and Luminous told them about their amazing, cute little rain garden that recycles rainwater into plants rather than asphalt.

Sally and Devan introduced the HQ team to their Luminous family of  7 (minus one sick member), and they got a great look at the room where they turn the batches of flower they get from Green Source Gardens and East Fork Cultivars into the glorious beautiful golden liquid we all know and love! During this part of our tour they informed us that they use 10+ strains of East Fork Flowers flower per batch of their Meadow Tincture, and 4-5 strains of Green Source per batch of their Earth and Sky blends. Devan and Sally also do proprietary blending to insure consistent dosing and quality on all of their products!


After they got to see the area where they create the oil, Luminous showed the HQ team their filling room, which was not being used that day, and was so extremely clean it was like a dream!

The next place the HQ team visited was Luminous’s flower and product storage room in the basement of the building. While they were down there checking out the product room, they were given a sneak peek at an up and coming product which will be 5MG Luminous Soft Gel Capsules! WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW!? Get pumped, because they are little drops of golden healing in a cute altoid tin, and they should be in next quarter!

Climbing the stairs out of the basement, in pure excitement for those new lil babies, the last stop of the tour was the packaging room, also clean and organized like a dream!

After viewing the location and hearing what they have upcoming, they brought the HQ team back into the first welcoming room and had sandwiches waiting from a local store. They all shared lunch and had a great chat about each other and what makes us, us! Lastly Luminous shared new sample vials that are coming in hot and look just as cute as the capsules do!


Luminous is a Sun and Earth certification company! Sun and Earth certifies companies who empower others and create products in alignment with organic standards. They focus on human empowerment, earth care and cultivation, and community engagement--cannabis without chemicals, grown by fairly-paid workers. Their website provides excellent insight into all that they do.  

Lastly, but kind of the biggest thing the HQ team learned, was that Sally and Devan truly started from the bottom. They were the only two employees, and built this brand that we love from the very beginning. They completely overhauled and made over their beautiful facility--with a large majority of the work being done with Devan's own hands--and keep a small, devoted, energetic staff! Sound familiar? 


It was extremely fun, informative, and heartwarming to see another company with ideals so close to our HQ heart! Luminous welcomed us back anytime to meet more of us, and to be able to express their love and drive to all those around them! 

The full line of Luminous Botanicals products can be found at our dispensary located at 1300 NW 9th St, Corvallis, OR 97330. If you’re interested in learning more, stop in and talk with a budtender! We’d love to answer any questions and help you find the right product for you!


Laine Aswad