patient experiences

We provide the finest products available, nationally recognized service, and the most compassionate & knowledgeable budtenders around. We do this with one purpose in mind: to enhance the human experience. We are available seven days a week to ensure that people in our community, as well as those who travel to see us, get the relief and support they need. Below, you'll discover just some of our patient's stories. Although these experiences are unique in their own right, they are not uncommon. They echo the joy and tales of recovery that our community shares with us each and every day. They are why we do what we do.


Cannabis & Post traumatic stress disorder

"People need to realize how quickly the mind can change, especially in minds battling PTSD. I went from knowing it [suicide] was not an option to seriously wanting to die in a matter of minutes.  It was at that point, when I was laying in bed in the middle of the day, that I realized that passing a urine test would do me no good if I were dead.  I remember going for a walk and thinking that I could end all my suffering by jumping off the bridge, but instead I went home and smoked my son's marijuana...."


Cannabis and Alzheimer's disease

"My brother had deteriorated to the point where he was confused most of the day and was getting up 12-25 times per night wandering and confused... Fast forward to today.  My brother is sleeping . He is thinking much more clearly during the day. Other than the CBD, he only takes one medication now. My brother is back, and even though the prognosis is terminal, his family has their grandpa, father, husband and brother around a while longer..."