A lot of people may claim to be the best, but as they say; ‘Talk is cheap’. If you really want to know, just stop in and see for yourself. Where other establishments may look and feel more like a back alley gas station on the wrong side of the tracks, High Quality certainly lives up to their name. The interior has the ambiance of a high end jewelry store and every employee is wonderfully pleasant and knowledgeable about their product line. And the product line is certainly impressive. HQ’s discerning buyers scour the region for the cream of the cannabis crop. And yet, their prices remain competitive. If you’re tired of feeling like a criminal every time you’d like to enjoy the remarkable healing benefits of cannabis, do yourself a favor and step up to the highest quality at HQ - your head quarters for the finest cannabis products in Oregon. Cheers!
— Crawdad555 [Oct. 2018]
I only go to High Quality when I go shopping for weed because of the great customer service and personality food the staff. They’re understanding of the medical side of marijuana that most dispensaries overlook. Not to mention the amazing presentation of the showroom and the expedited medical patient service, they always make sure patients get in first.
— Nekayli [Aug. 2018]
This is my go to dispensary in Corvallis, they live up to their name. I come in every week and they always have something new for me to check out. The prices are good, the employees are great, and I’m a big fan of their lay out. I love when they have growers come in and showcase their products. It’s fun engaging with the people who are growing and making the products I’m using.
— Theodore94 [June 2018]