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Going to try really hard not to gush here, this shop as a whole has spoiled me into an almost naive take on what rec purchasing looks like these days. I tend to purchase concentrates almost exclusively, with flower reserved for adventurous trips and such, and these guys keep the BEST on hand for all of us. The store is pleasant to be in and feels properly secure and maintained, you’re not just walking into a house with frosted windows and some counters this is a proper business with a reception and lobby leading into a private consultation and purchase which just feels GOOD!! No matter who helps you be it Aimee, Hannah, Clayton, Kevin, or anyone else they know their product and are happy to talk with you about their experience of that product.... OR NOT! Big one here, anyone tells you what they DON’T know instead of lying to you, they’ll even ask around in case someone else does know! Seriously incredible spot with incredible people, can’t say enough about it and them, truly get what you pay for and as they say Compassion is Free much love to these fine human beings and the much needed quality of compassion they bring to our local culture.
— Blooblah [June. 2018]
Honest prices and very helpful staff. They even gave me a personal phone call when the product I was looking for came into stock. Great customer service. The name says it all.
— chanposs [Jan. 2018]
Being newer to the area HQ was the last dispensary on my list, I mean look at it it’s like a swanky country club! I figured the people would be rude and the prices through the roof, but I was W R O N G!!! This place is genuinely high quality Kevin has made me a lifer and is always happy to help me find what I’m looking for be it concentrates/edibles/or topicals he’s got the inside scoop and is more than friendly enough to share it. Give them a shot and it’ll be your one stop shop in no time!
— Bloobles [April. 2018]