I was at High Quality last week getting some Luminous Botanicals oils for my brother, who has Alzheimer's disease.

My brother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease nearly 5 years ago at age 59. About 2 months ago, his condition began to deteriorate seriously.  We don't live closely, so I was unaware until his wife called me in desperation for help/advice. (I'm the healthcare provider in the family). Their neurologist and neuropsychiatrist were treating him with all the meds and traditional medicine interventions they could think of.  My brother reacted poorly to most of the medicines they tried, actually getting progressively worse.

I (was) pretty ignorant about CBD and cannabis in general, but found some promising information on CBD in Alzheimer's, especially from Israel. My brother had deteriorated to the point where he was confused most of the day and was getting up 12-25 times per night wandering and confused. My sister-in-law (they were high school sweethearts) was depressed, terribly sleep deprived and asked me "Is this the end? I don't want to have to put him in a home!"

With some convincing, I got them to agree to try CBD oil.  I gave Luminous Botanicals Earth and Meadow blends to them to try. Fast forward to today.  My brother is sleeping nights, maybe up a couple times to use the bathroom.He is thinking much more clearly during the day. Other than the CBD, he only takes one medication now. They are going to their grandkids' soccer games, bike riding, going out to dinner, and enjoying some social life...living!

My family regards this as nothing short of a miracle.  My brother is back, and even though the prognosis is terminal, his family has their grandpa, father, husband and brother around a while longer. I will never be able to express my gratitude enough.

With Thanks,