farmers & vendors

High Quality is driven by our curiosity of how cannabis can improve the human experience. 

We believe cannabis, rooted in earth, releases us to explore our own roots. Roots that can help us heal, grow our community, unveil things hidden within and around us, and facilitate deeper understandings. 

We aspire to support our clients in finding which strains of cannabis best serve their individual mind, body and spirit. We work hard to uncover what works well to restore, maintain, or elevate their personal wellbeing. We revel in our return to the beginning. A time when we knew where our food came from, because we watched it grow ourselves. When we lived by the cycle of the seasons and were sustained by the Earth's generosity. When we celebrated nature, instead of conquering it. When our healing medicines came not from the lab, but from the soil.

In turn, we are proud to stand behind the people with whom we work, and the quality of the products they produce. Before putting any product on the shelf, we sample it for quality, as well as consider the ethics and sustainability of its production. We go to great lengths to ensure that our shelves are stocked with the highest quality cannabis and CBD hemp products available in Oregon. We build long term relationships with our vendor,so that you can rely on us to provide the products you’ve grown to love.